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We are so grateful for the opportunities and blessings we have encountered along the way as the owners of Culligan Water and The Hot Tub Center in Yankton, SD. It’s a great privilege to have the customers we do that have helped us to grow our business over the last several years. We look forward to providing everyone with the most professional, reliable and trustworthy service possible.

The growth over the last few years has moved us into our new location in Yankton, expanded our service and sales personnel, and allowed us to start servicing a second location in Mitchell, SD and open our new hot tub store, “The Hot Tub Center,” featuring Bullfrog Premium Spas with personalized Jetpack Therapy. 

Culligan Water Conditioning of Yankton is a locally owned and independent Culligan dealership, which has provided services to the Yankton area for over 60 years. Our staff have the experience and training in the water conditioning business to prove there isn’t a water problem too difficult for us to solve!

We maintain a professional and honest company with a vision of providing a better quality of life in our communities by delivering water conditioning and treatment products that will benefit every part of our customers’ lives. Plus, we are committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations by providing products and services of the highest standard.

With over 80 years of being in business with Culligan Water and the more than 550 dealerships, we have seen just about every type of water problem imaginable, and we’re solving these problems by delivering the refreshing, clean and pure water that’s become Culligan’s hallmark. Free of contaminants and unwanted minerals, water treated with Culligan softeners or filtration systems will make a clear impression on your home or business!

It is our passion to raise the quality of life by purifying its most essential element: water!

Hot Tubs & Accessories

Hot Tubs in South Dakota


Efficient Lower Cost to Own and Operate Bullfrog Spas from The Hot Tub Center are built with full foam insulation

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Hot Tubs in South Dakota


Powerful Less Plumbing & No Leaks Because our spas are built with the patented JetPak Therapy System, they have up to

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Hot Tubs in South Dakota


Personalized Make This Your Spa Our spas gives you far more jet options than any other hot tub by using

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Hot Tubs in South Dakota


Reliable Sturdy Frame & Structure The best hot tub frames should last a lifetime. Many conventional spas are built using

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